Thomson Reuters Adds Alternative Finance Intelligence to Eikon with TAB Dashboard

August 03, 2017 • By TAB team

Developed by TAB U.K. and available on Eikon App Studio, TAB Dashboard facilitates access to one of the fastest growing financial market segments

Cambridge, August 3, 2017 - TAB Dashboard has become the first alternative finance data intelligence app added to Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio. Created by Cambridge-based TAB U.K., TAB Dashboard is the world’s most comprehensive source of intelligence on the global alternative finance market, and its deployment on Eikon opens up a significant new asset class for its users.

Data on the alternative finance market is difficult to obtain, with financial professionals forced to gather information on a piecemeal basis, or direct from individual platforms, which is inconsistent between services, languages and definitions and therefore extremely hard to extract insight from. The addition of TAB Dashboard to Eikon allows customers to use extensive data in a format and environment they are comfortable with and which is consistent, shaping their strategy and keeping them aware of regulatory and policy changes.

“TAB Dashboard will bring to the Thomson Reuters Eikon community unparalleled insight into the global alternative finance market,” said Emily Mackay, CEO, TAB U.K. “Online financial marketplaces are not only presenting substantial direct investment opportunities in a fresh asset class, but also generating data intelligence on signals of activity and desire. Our data analysis allows a user to make informed decisions on how to react to maximise the opportunities from online finance disruption.”

Alternative finance is one of the biggest growth areas in global finance. TAB Dashboard analytics shows that in 2016 an average of $40.9M was raised every single day, more than double the daily average of $18.4M in 2014, with signs that that growth is continuing along the same path.

“With finance professionals maturing in their awareness of crowdfunding and online marketplaces, TAB Dashboard offers a gateway for our Eikon clients to this growing market for new forms of capital raising,” said Leon Saunders Calvert, Global Head of Capital Markets and Advisory, Thomson Reuters. “Working with TAB is one way Thomson Reuters is at the forefront of this market evolution. Through App Studio, we can offer our clients across the capital raising, private equity and venture capital communities a solution that facilitates access and analysis to this market segment.”

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