TAB supports international academics

October 26, 2017 • By TAB team

Academics worldwide have been discovering and examining the formation of an innovative new economy: online marketplaces for finance. TAB now brings to researchers worldwide the richest database for analysis.

With billions of dollars now moving through these online markets, and high levels of regulatory attention, this financial manifestation of the burgeoning shared economy is an entirely new field for study. It is already attracting the attention of leading experts in the fields of finance and economics globally. The industry offers opportunities across many fields of research specialism including: finance, economics, social sciences, public policy, regulation and law, offering plenty of scope for novel and multi-disciplinary research. 

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TAB draws deal-side data from thousands of platforms globally, giving the most comprehensive view of this global online finance industry. Our data engineering and machine intelligence technology normalises, augments and analyses to bring you TAB's database, ready for your own analysis. We remove the manual struggle to gather, clean and normalise high-quality data, which takes up valuable time and diminishes grant effectiveness, and instead replace it with a single source of ready-to-use data, which updates daily.