Factoid - Women are better at crowdfunding than men

July 18, 2017 • By TAB Content

Women are better at crowdfunding than men, so says a report from PwC and The Crowdfunding Centre.

The report analysed half a million seed crowdfunding campaigns and found only 20% of UK male-led campaigns reached their funding target, compared to over 25% of female-led. Overall, women-led campaigns were 30% more successful at reaching their target.

Men dominate decision-making roles in traditional business financing. In venture capital, only 7% of partners at the world’s top 100 VC firms are women. This leads to a bias towards male-led projects, where only 3% of 7,000 companies funded by VCs had a female CEO.

Crowdfunding removes that barrier and attracts, enables and empowers female decision-makers. Women are clearly taking advantage of the ‘gender-level’ playing field to excellent effect!