Crowdsurfer is now TAB

July 11, 2017 • By Emily Mackay

I am proud to announce that Crowdsurfer is now called TAB.

We work to bring transparency to the world of alternative finance. We started our journey by building the world’s best data engine and dashboard for marketplace finance – to encourage educated engagement with the market, reduce the data burden for those inside the industry, fuelling a new ecosystem of service builders.

TAB Dashboard is our flagship product for investors, for those looking to raise capital through marketplace finance, and for those looking to monitor or study online finance. Our users span agencies supporting the marketing and PR of the raises, asset managers seeking new market signals, and academics looking to gain insight into the world of marketplace finance, amongst others.

Along the way, we’ve learned about the challenges – and the opportunities – that come with collecting, refining and analysing large volumes of unstructured data. We’ve also watched the evolution of the industry’s own terminology. TAB is a name that reflects those learnings. It highlights our mission to create order from chaos by gathering unstructured data across all marketplaces and presenting this to customers in a tabulated, accessible way. It’s a fitting brand name for our company, echoing “to tabulate”, structuring information to create order and beauty from scattered, ugly data.

We maintain the world’s richest database of crowd finance platforms and a sophisticated data aggregation engine. We have built Daisy, a machine intelligence system that reveals insights and enables us to map online finance data to other types. We have built tools and automation that supply the best data intelligence, including a “time machine” that can view the industry at any moment in history. Most significantly, we have defined the data schema that describes the whole industry.

We are fond of the name Crowdsurfer, but it no longer adequately represents the deep work we do. The business now looks beyond simple crowdfunding information, at more complex data challenges in growing financial ecosystems. We work across all types of marketplaces and platforms: equity, rewards, consumer and business “P2P” debt and many sectors, flavours and geographies.

As we start this new chapter, I would like to thank everybody who helped us get here – our team, investors, advisors, and most importantly, our customers. For existing customers, there is no change to the service. In fact, there are more features on the TAB Dashboard, including the much-asked-for as sectoral categorisation, allowing search with greater control, providing more accurate insight.

Online “crowd” finance is having a huge impact on global financial markets. By making data easier to access and understand, we are helping to fuel the education of a market and its observers, supporting transparent transactions and the balancing of markets with educated raisers and contributors, and creating opportunities for innovation and accelerating an industry into the mainstream.

We’re excited and humbled to work in such an exciting industry, and we look forward to making our contribution to alternative finance and the world of big data in the years ahead.