CAMFI shows Rewards Efficiency measure surged in September

November 01, 2017 • By TAB team

CAMFI, the global Crowdfunding & Marketplace Finance Index, measured 91.28 for September 2017, broadly the same as August.

Overall, September CAMFI shows the three sub-sectors of Debt, Equity and Rewards remain sluggish. Debt was particularly subdued, the sub-index decreasing from 97.80 to 92.02, while Rewards slid a little from 95.59 to 91.76, but Equity climbed from 88.42 to 89.80. All sub-indices remained below 100, suggesting continued contraction across all three sectors. The Efficiency measure of Rewards, however, saw a substantial jump from 83.47 to September’s 133.54 – marking a transition from shrinking to vigorously expanding after the vacation season. 

The report on CAMFI for September 2017 is here. CAMFI reports for past months are also available here.