CAMFI™ - Crowdfunding & Marketplace Finance Index

March 28, 2018 • By TAB team

CAMFI is the Crowdfunding & Marketplace Finance Index. It measures the global health of the crowdfunding and marketplace finance industry.

CAMFI is a composite index consisting of Debt Sub-Index, Reward Sub-Index, and Equity Sub-Index. To track the health of crowdfunding platforms worldwide, we use Scale, Efficiency, and Transparency of the crowdfunding industry as three primary dimensions, and Platform Scale, Trading Scale, User Scale, Funding Efficiency, and Industry-Related Organization & Association as five secondary dimensions. Utilizing big data to conduct quantitative meta-analysis in all dimensions, we build a stable, comprehensive and highly representative indexing system for the global crowdfunding and marketplace finance industry.

CAMFI always fluctuates around 100. An index score above 100 indicates improving health of the industry, while one that’s below 100 implies contracting trend for the month being measured. The larger the index score, the greater the health improvement. The creation of CAMFI offers a measure of the crowdfunding industry for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, including both personal and institutional investors, as well as policy makers and governments.

Each month we publish a CAMFI number and an accompanying report relating to the preceding month:


CAMFI for February 2018 - 89.02 

CAMFI for January 2018 - 87.30
CAMFI for December 2017 - 92.57
CAMFI for November 2017 - 100.41
CAMFI for October 2017 - 92.97
CAMFI for September 2017 - 91.28
CAMFI for August 2017 - 91.13
CAMFI for July 2017 - 90.32
CAMFI for June 2017 - 94.11
CAMFI for May 2017 - estimated 103.40.

Note that previous month's figures may be adjusted in future if new data is received. Adjustments will always be disclosed.