Hedge Funds - Diversify your portfolio with marketplace finance

TAB Dashboard gives you the insight into a new asset class and market signals. 

Benefits: gain insight into new markets through TAB Dashboard. Investigate large new datasets on marketplace finance to augment your investment decision-making.

  • checkSearch campaigns & P2P loans
  • checkLook at success rates for raises
  • checkInvestigate debt analysis & distribution of loans
  • checkCompare P2P platforms
  • checkAnalyse defaults
  • checkDownload data from your searches
What our customers say

Mark Weedon
Head of Institutional Development,
Property Partner

To our knowledge, the TAB Dashboard represents the most comprehensive and up to date picture of the European crowd finance industry.
How it works

The most advanced tool for marketplace finance


Find the specific insights you need to succeed from millions of campaigns from thousands of platforms.


Take advantage of new data on new markets as it arises, with one easily digestible dashboard.


Access the latest data by tracking industry activity across debt, equity, rewards and charity.


Explore new crowd finance opportunities that will give you the lead over the market as they appear.