Use and save filters


Filters enable you to narrow down your search based on chosen criteria. Once you have selected campaigns by applying a filter, TAB is able to create aggregated analytics based on the relevant data. 

Filters can be applied as a one-off or saved for future use. They are grouped into 7 categories: Location, Status, Funding Categories, Dates, Platforms, and Loans. 

In location, you can filter the campaigns by:

  • Campaign location: this is where the campaign itself is taking place. This can differ from the location where the platform is based.
  • Platform location: this is where the platforms being used is headquartered. A platform can launch campaigns in its own country or abroad.


There are 4 different status options:

  • Funded: campaigns that raised the minimum required to reach their target. Campaigns with flexible funding will be considered successful.
  • Not funded: campaigns that did not raise enough to reach their minimum target.
  • Live: campaigns that are still open for funding. Campaigns which have already hit their target and are considered successfully funded can still be live and open for funding.
  • Funding undisclosed: Campaigns which have chosen not to reveal how much they've raised publicly.


Under categories, you can filter campaigns by different industries based on GICS taxonomy, a global classification standard. 

You can also filter campaign by funding categories and/or funding types. Funding categories are a simplification of funding types and are organised as followed:

  • Charity: donations, community shares and micro loans.
  • Debt: bonds, loans, debenture and invoice trading.
  • Equity: quity
  • Rewards: rewards
  • Other: revenue sharing, other, Insurance (P2P), membership/subscription, and royalties


Under financial, you can filter the campaigns by the following criteria:

  • Goal: you can set a minimum or maximum goal, e.g.: campaigns that intended to raise between £0k to £10k.
  • Pledged: you can add a minimum or maximum amount pledged, e.g.: campaigns that raised between £5k to £15k.
  • % Pledged: this allows you to see campaigns which raised more or less than the campaign target goal based on the percentage of funding achieved, e.g.: If you want to see only those who overfunded, set the min % pledged to 101% or above.


Dates, allows you to filter campaigns by the time frame in which the campaign ended. For instance, a campaign that closed today (either successfully or not) will not appear in a filter for the previous calendar year.


Use platforms to filter campaigns based on the individual platforms where they were launched.


The Loans filter enables you to filter loan campaigns based on their characteristics:

  • Loan security: whether a loan is secured or unsecured
  • Loan class: whether a loan is for individuals or businesses
  • Loan default status: whether a loan has defaulted, if it is active or being repaid.
  • Min and Max loan term: the loan repayment time in months.
  • Min and Max interest rate: the interest rate of the loan.


Once you are happy with your filter it is possible to save the search for future use.  

Saving a Filtered Search 

  • To save, add a name to your search and click 'Save'.
  • To start again from scratch, click 'clear'.