Filter by keywords



TAB offers user 2 different ways to filter campaigns by keywords; via the search box, or via the logical search function.


OPTION 1: Group keywords using the dialog box

You can filter the campaigns using keywords which relate to your areas of interest. In the example below we focus on campaigns relating to renewable energies.

When you click on the search box, an advanced search box will appear below to input our chosen keywords. 

The first field is for required words; namely, words that are mandatory in our search results. In this case we are looking for campaigns related to energy and and so add that search term here. 

The second field allows you to enter additional optional words. These are optional keywords that are related to our search but do not necessarily need to appear in the campaign. For our example, we could add words such as wind, solar, clean or renewable. 

The third field is optional and enables users to exclude words from their search, ie, The search will exclude all campaigns that contain the given keywords. In our example, we can add nuclear, ensuring that any campaign related to nuclear energy will not appear in our search. 


OPTION 2: Group keywords using a logical search

Users can also run advanced searches by grouping keywords using logical expressions to create a query. Click on 'advanced mode' and start creating your search. Below is a quick guide covering the main queries used to construct such searches.