Campaign Search


Campaign search allows you to investigate the individual investments and underlying loans that have been funded.



Narrowing down the investments/loans with filters and keywords

Filter your list using keywords which describe areas of interest (to learn more, visit filter by keywords). You can also create your own filters, which will refine the search by funding type, amount raised and more. Click here to learn how to create your own filters.


Sorting your results 

Order investments/loans by amount raised, target goal or end date. You can also sort the campaign list in ascending or descending order. Each campaign entry within the list contains key attributes, such as title, description, amount raised, funding type, platform that hosted the campaign and more.


Reading the campaign description 

To get a better understanding of an investment/loan, click on the campaign description. This will expand the length of text and give you a more complete overview. Click again to collapse the card.


Saving campaigns of interest

To save individual investments/loans of particular interest, click on the star. This will prompt you to allocate it to a bookmarked folder which you are able to view separately in future.  Click here to learn more about managing your bookmark folders .


Excluding individual campaigns 

To exclude individual investments/loans from your search, click the 'x'on the top right of the campaign card. It is easy to view your excluded investments/loans and add them back to your search if you decide they are relevant.