Raise Module


The raise module gives you the tools to research fundraising through crowd finance and increase your likelihood of success.


Overview page

The overview page on Raise allows you to start answering some of the most common questions you or your clients will have on fundraising. To get the most relevant insight to your fundraise, be sure to create your own filters, which will refine the intelligence to cover previous raises that you want to learn from. Click here to learn how to create your own filters.



Funding categories

This chart allows you to answer 'what type of crowd finance should I be considering?'. Analyse which funding types have been the most popular for fundraises like yours, the total amount each funding types has contributed and what is the typical raise amount you can expect dependent upon the type of financing you choose.


Funding status 

This chart allows you to answer 'what has been the success rate of fundraises similar to mine?'. Be sure to edit the filter, to see how the success rate changes dependent upon the type of funding used, the amounts raised or targeted, in different locations and on different platforms. You may also find that the time of fundraise impacts success.



This view allows you to answer 'which platforms are most active in supporting fundraises like mine?'. Discover which platforms you should be speaking to based upon the number of similar campaigns they have hosted, the total amount raised and the average amount raised by these platforms.




Fundraise analysis page

The fundraise analysis page on Raise allows you to investigate the characteristics of successful and failed raises and answer more advanced questions. 




Use the stats tables to get a breakdown of the core statistics about your advanced fundraise analysis.


Fundraise distribution 

By selecting the amount pledged to campaign in the x axis, this chart allows you to answer the question 'what amounts have the crowd been willing to fund for raises like mine?' 

By selecting campaign goal in the x axis, you are able to answer the question 'what are the most common fundraise targets for campaigns like mine?' Use the toggle at the bottom of the chart to analyse both successful and unsuccessful campaigns. 

For both views, the Y axis drop-down allows you to change the chart to show results by amount raised or by number of campaigns. You can also see average and median figures. 

Be sure to click on the individual bars of the chart to view the campaigns within.



TAB provides a summary of the core concepts from all the campaigns in your search. 


Fundraise characteristics

Fundraise characteristics allows you to analyse the number of investors/backers per campaign size and also the percetange raised per campaign size. 

The std. deviation is the range around the average where it is normal (or standard) to expect data . The median on the other hand tells you what is the middle number of an ordered list of values.