We believe better access to high-quality data intelligence benefits everyone.

We’ve designed TAB Dashboard, our online data intelligence tool, to be easy to access, highly flexible, and simple to use. Below you’ll find just a few examples of the many ways our customers benefit from TAB Dashboard.

CrowdReach is a marketing agency. They successfully run reward-based crowdfunding campaigns for innovative products. They use TAB's data intelligence to analyse success factors, monitor campaigns, and research precedents. Without the insights they get from TAB's dashboard, CrowdReach has to spend valuable time analyising disparate data sources.

Crowdscout is a retail distribution broker. Crowdscout uses TAB's data intelligence dashboard to identify the most relevant crowdfunded products in a highly targeted way. Our advanced discovery saves many days of manual effort and increased success rate on first contact from less than 5% to over 30%.

Downing is a VCT/EIS investment company in London. They need to analyse crowd finance globally to understand potential investments, new opportunities to raise funds, and what appeals to crowdfunders. Downing uses TAB's data intelligence and powerful search to analyse where money is flowing by specific sectors, and discover other institutional participation.


The European Commission needed to understand crowd finance activity month-by-month across European Member States in order to assess potential market changes around the time of national regulatory intervention. Crowdsurfer's deep data intelligence and historical records were able to bring to them a very detailed picture of activity within and between countries.

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