About TAB

We're a visionary team of talented data engineers and technologists backed by private investors.

We bring decades of industry and technical expertise to the table, screen, tablet, blackboard, and anywhere else we can apply it.

Our aim

All data tells a story. We want to make it easier to read. That’s why we’ve built the world’s best data dashboard for marketplace finance – to encourage engagement with the market, reduce the data burden of those inside the industry, and fuel a new ecosystem of service builders. It’s a tool for understanding, promoting, progressing, and contributing to a phenomenal movement in a more open financial world.

What we do

We’re using "big data” engineering to turn disparate data points from thousands of crowdfunding and p2p lending marketplaces into an easy to read, high-quality insight. We capture and aggregate billions of data points on individual fundraises and add our machine intelligence magic to bring the world's best insight in the new financial economy to you.


Why now?

Crowd finance is already having a huge impact on the financial market. In just a few years we have seen thousands of newly created online money marketplaces moving many billions of dollars around the world for individuals, charities, business, and more besides. By making data easier to access and understand, we are helping to fuel the education of a market and its observers, creating opportunities for both internal and external innovation and accelerating an industry into the mainstream.

Meet our team