Sophisticated data analytics on disruptive global marketplace finance.


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TAB's big data analytics and machine intelligence technology interprets billions of financial data points on the deals presented by thousands of crowdfunding and P2P platforms globally.

We spot macro-economic market signals and specific industry trends within this disruptive new financial system for researchers and those in institutional investing.

Crowdfunding and Marketplace Finance Index (CAMFI)

Index measuring April 2018





Disclaimer: this index is not designed to be traded against.
This index is owned, created and published by TAB U.K. Ltd., and Hangzhou Linghao Technology Co Ltd. It is academically guided by AIF at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou.

  • CAMFI estimates the overall climate of the global crowdfunding and marketplace finance industry for a given month. 
  • Monthly publications form a time series showing the trends in the industry.
  • CAMFI weights the rewards, equity and debt markets, to create a single global metric. 
  • Based on balancing changes in observations of the three dimensions: scale, efficiency and transparency, CAMFI ranges from 0-200 with the value 100 indicating a steady market with no upturn or downturn.  
  • CAMFI is designed to be insensitive to the length of the month and rates of interest and inflation.
  • The calculation is based on objective, quantitative analysis at the levels of both individual platforms and individual campaigns, as well as a weighting overseen by the index team. 
  • A methodological description is given here.