API documentation

User Definition

This data structure is used in for several fields in the project definition, and is intended to represent an end-user, e.g project owner. Note that a platform may choose to restrict the fields describing a user depending on their privacy policy.


Field Type Description Required (POST)? Example
id string A unique identifier for the user, set by the originating platform. No "1234" (i.e the primary key from the original database)
full_name string The user's full name No "Postman Pat"
first_name string The user's first name No "Postman"
last_name string The user's last name No "Pat"
username string The user's username No "postmanpat70"
avatar string (URL) Image that represents the user No "http://my.website.com/me.png"
gender string Gender if known

Possible choices:

  • : Male
  • : Female
No "M"
url string (URL) User's URL on the platform domain. No "http://www.platform.com/users/han-solo"
facebook_url string (URL) User's facebook page. No "http://www.facebook.com/luke-skywalker"
twitter_url string (URL) User's twitter page. No "http://www.twitter.com/leia-solo"
website_url string (URL) User's web page (not on the platform's domain). No "http://www.chewbacca.com"
linkedin_url string (URL) User's LinkedIn page. No "http://uk.linkedin.com/in/darthvader"


{ "last_name": "Pat", "gender": "M", "first_name": "Postman", "id": 100 }