API documentation

Transaction Definition

The nature of a transaction depends on the funding type: it may be a pledge for a rewards-based project, or it may be an offer for a loan in a peer-to-peer loan platform.


Field Type Description Required (POST)? Example
integer This is the our ID we use to identify the originating platform, and can be found on the platform detail page. Yes e.g "443"
project_id string The platform-specific unique identifier for the project related to this transaction. Yes e.g "1234" (i.e the primary key from the original database)
transaction_id string A unique identifier for this transaction, set by the originating platform. Yes e.g "142234" (i.e the primary key from the original database)
datetime date/time Transaction date/time. No e.g "2014-09-01T14:22Z"
raised numeric Total amount raised / pledged / offered No e.g "1555"
funder_id string ID used to uniquely identify the funder within the platform (e.g username) No e.g "user100"
interest_rate percentage Interest rate offered, if appropriate No e.g "5.3"


{ "datetime": "2014-09-12T12:00Z", "transaction_id": 22, "project_id": 1331, "platform_id": 89, "funder_id": "1123", "raised": 10 }