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We use the term project to mean any peer-to-peer or crowdfunding opportunity. More specifically, we can define a 'project' as a request for money for a single recipient. The form of the request will vary depending on the funding type.
Used as a synonym for project
funding type
We broadly categorise projects by funding type e.g L for 'Loan', R for 'Rewards-based project'. Generally platforms support a single funding type, although platforms can support multiple types (e.g both 'Equity' and 'Rewards' projects)
country codes
We use the standard 2-letter ISO code for countries e.g GB
currency codes
We use standard ISO 4217 codes for currency e.g USD
We use ISO-8601 date/time strings. e.g 2013-01-29T12:34:56.123Z (where Z denotes the UTC timezone)