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API documentation

Platforms owners:

Regularly uploading project data to TAB unlocks full access to our analytics dashboard, free of charge, giving you unparalleled access to global industry insight. Integrating with us will take a day of software developer time, but no significant ongoing effort after that.

Getting Started

The TAB API provides a simple RESTful interface to our service. All projects and transactions are described as JSON objects, and can be pushed to us using the add / update project POST url.


In order to obtain access to the API you first need to login or register with us here.

To ensure we can correctly authenticate you as a platform owner you should register using an email with the same domain as your platform website e.g

If for some reason you can't register with this type of email address or think that we don't cover your platform then don't worry - simply register first with any email address and contact us at to arrange for access.

Note that we require all platforms that use our API to sign our data licence. You can view the terms here.