API documentation

Project Definition

A project represents a single crowdfunding or peer-to-peer finance opportunity.

Since we cover the entire range of crowdfunding platforms this can result in a quite a wide range of data fields, some of which may only be applicable to particular platforms or funding types.


Field Type Description Required (POST)? Example
project_id string A unique identifier for this project set by the originating platform. Yes e.g "1234"
integer This is the our ID we use to identify the originating platform, and can be found on the platform detail page. Yes e.g "443"
funding_type string The funding type for this project. Yes e.g "R" (for a Rewards-based project)
predicted_gics_industry_group string Class name taken from our chosen taxonomy. We are currently using the GICS industry groups. No e.g "Transportation"
title string Project title, or a short (one-line) description or summary. Yes e.g "My New Widget"
status string

Current project status. Optional, as we can calculate this field for posted projects.

Possible values:

Ongoing project
Cancelled project
Project has reached its goal and ended
Project has reached its goal and is ongoing
Project has failed to reach its goal and ended
No e.g "successful_ended"
live boolean Is this project still live? No e.g "true"
currency string Currency code Yes e.g "USD"
url URL Main URL for project, if any No e.g "http://www.insidetab.io"
category string Project category No e.g "Technology"
project_thumbnail_url URL Small image that represents this project. No e.g "http://www.my-favourite-image.png"
description string A detailed description of the project where appropriate No e.g "The most incredible widget ever designed, made entirely from recycled spatulas."
uuid string This is generated by TAB using the platform identifier and any other platform-specific identifiers (such as the platform_id) to provide a globally unique identifier across all platforms. No e.g "b4df7b093b9b33fbbc11be54bf8355cb"
funders integer The total number of funders contributing to this project. No e.g 56
subtitle string Project subtitle, describing the project in more detail. No e.g 'A completely new way to create widgets'
language string Primary language used. We use the standard set of ISO language codes No e.g "fr"
location object

Project location, where appropriate. We describe locations as a JSON dictionary - see here for more detail.

Note that only the address field is mandatory: we can work out the latitude and longitude for inserted projects if the address is valid

No e.g
{"address": "Salisbury House, Cambridge, UK"}
start_time date/time Start date/time for this project. No e.g "2014-09-01T14:22Z"
end_time date/time End date/time for this project. Defaults to open-ended No e.g "2014-10-01T14:22Z"
date_added date/time When did TAB first add this project to our database? No e.g "2014-09-01T12:34Z
last_updated date/time When did TAB last update this project? No e.g "2014-10-01T18:34Z
tags string List of tags No e.g ["social, technology"]
tax_relief string List of applicable tax relief schemes No e.g ["SEIS"]
owner_details object Project owner. Users are described by a JSON dictionary described here in more detail.

Note that all the user fields are optional, although at least one should be specified if this field is set.

No e.g
{ "id": 1234, "full_name":"Mister Happy" }
team_members_list JSON list Project team members as a JSON list. See owner_details for a description of the owner dictionary No e.g
[ {"id": 1234, "full_name":"Mister Tickle" }, {"id": 1235, "full_name":"Mister Grumpy" } ]
company_details object Associated company description, if applicable. We describe an organisation as a JSON dictionary - see here for more detail. No e.g {"name":"MechanicalMouseOrganCo"}
transactions JSON list JSON list of transactions, if applicable No
facebook_url url URL to associated Facebook page No
twitter_url url URL to associated Twitter page No
goal numeric The project goal, in the specified currency. Note that this should be the current goal, which may well be a 'stretch goal' if the project's initial goal was met. No e.g "1000000"
max_goal numeric Maximum, or stretch goal No e.g "100000"
raised numeric Total amount raised to date, in the specified currency. No e.g "110000"
rewards_list JSON list List of rewards offered if appropriate. See rewards item for details on the rewards data structure. No [ {"pledge": 10, "num_backers": 5, "description": "A warm fuzzy feeling" }, {"pledge": 20, "num_backers": 2, "description": "A cuddly toy" } ]
rewards_text string Free text rewards definition. Note that this field should not be used when inserting project: use the rewards_list field instead. No
equity_offered percentage Percentage of equity offered, where appropriate No e.g "5.8"
pre_money_valuation numeric Pre-money valuation, in the project currency No e.g 1000000
extra JSON Extra information that may be of use but does not fit into the current schema. No e.g
{ "some_field": "foobar value", "another_field": 999 }
APR percentage The loan APR, if available Yes e.g 14.3 term_months integer Length of term, in months Yes e.g 60 interest_rate percentage Interest rate offered by the loan No e.g 8.5 secured_loan boolean Is this loan secured? No e.g No individual_loan boolean Is this an individual loan (No implies business loan)? No e.g true loan_fee numeric Loan arrangement fee No e.g 142 LTV percentage Loan To Value figure, if appropriate No e.g 80 aftermarket boolean Is this an aftermarket loan? Defaults to no. No e.g yes risk_category string An indication of the risk category for this loan e.g A No e.g A


{ "raised": 80600.0, "description": "The picture quiz where it pays to be smart. We are re offering a great opportunity to take a stake in the booming mobile gaming market in a unique pre-IPO Series B funding before listing at Nasdaq OMX First North. Hello world! Welcome to Mowjow, the picture quiz where it pays to be smart!", "funding_type": "E", "project_id": 1331, "language": "en", "location": { "address": "Cambridge, United Kingdom" }, "equity_offered": 0.8, "platform_name": "FundedbyMe", "platform_id": 89, "title": "MOWJOW", "last_updated": "2014-09-18T16:36:13.604", "currency": "EUR", "team_members_list": [ { "name": "Andreas Christensen Executive Chairman & Founder Andreas is an dedicated entrepreneur and investor with a genuine interest for innovation and technology. His focus on uncompromised excellence, as well as his enthusiastic and independent personality, makes him a strong driving force for Mowjow. Twitter LinkedIn" }, { "name": "John Mayfield Chief Financial Officer John Mayfield loves the numbers and has more than 25 years of experience in accounting, audit and financial management, working for major companies like Pannel Kerr, UBS Phillips & Drew, Time Warner and KPMG." }, { "name": "Matthew E. Alleyne Chief Revenue Officer Matthew comes with a spirit for sales and marketing. With the launch, growth and sale of several businesses, Matthew has a proven history within online commerce." }, { "name": "Arne Haaje Chief Technology Officer Arne has more than a decade of experience in Eurobate, and is a world-class expert in mobile systems and a very experienced in complex server systems." } ], "uuid": "531d9a82c6ee4a7ae676a7baeda5cb8f", "url": "https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/3810/mowjow/?type=e?button=tile&from=browse", "rewards_list": [ { "num_backers": 33, "pledge": 10, "description": "For $10 we'll send you a spatula" }, { "num_backers": 23, "pledge": 20, "description": "For $50 we'll send you a cheese grater" } ], "category": "Media and Entertainment" }