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API documentation

Funder Definition

This data structure is used to describe a person or entity that is providing funds.

It is intended to uniquely identify a funder within a platform only, effectively anonymising the user.


Field Type Description Required (POST)? Example
id string A unique identifier for the user, set by the originating platform. This may be a database key, or a username, but should not be the real name of the user. No e.g "1234" (i.e the primary key from the original database)
country_code string Country code. We use the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes. No e.g "FR"
city string City No e.g "Cambridge"
gender string Gender if known

Possible choices:

  • : Male
  • : Female
No e.g "M"
funder_type string Funder type i.e is this a private individual or a company?

Possible choices:

  • : Private individual
  • : Public company
  • : Private company
No e.g "individual"


{ "id": 123, "city": "Paris", "country_code": "FR" }