API documentation


  • Why should I upload my data to TAB?

    Regularly uploading project data to TAB unlocks full access to our analytics dashboard, free of charge, giving you unparalleled access to global industry insight. Click here for more information about the benefits to your platform.
  • How frequently should I update my projects?

    Ideally once a day, although obviously if your projects are unlikely to change that frequently then feel free to update at a more appropriate interval.
  • Why can't I just send you a CSV file?

    Most databases structures just don't map easily onto a simple tabular structure, so it can be a non-trivial task to convert a database dump of projects into a CSV file (and in fact you would probably need multiple CSV files, one for each table).

    On the other hand it's usually really easy to convert the same dump into a list of JSON structures, which is the format we use natively. Once you've done that the actual upload via our HTTP API really is trivial (i.e a few lines of code).

  • This looks like a lot of work - how long will it take?

    Generally it should take less than a day to work out the mapping from your platform-specific schema to ours and then plumb in our example code to perform the actual upload.
  • This still seems like a lot of work - can you help me out?

    Yes! If you're strapped for time or resource then contact us to see where we can help.